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The White Orchid a beginning

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

As we begin our seventh year in business, I thought it fitting to look back to where it all began.

In 2016 I found myself in a position where I had that dreaded question ‘What will I do next?’ It is a scary thought starting out as a young person with so many hopes, dreams and ambitions and the thought of failure tugging at you when all you want to do is succeed.

So facing my fears I to put every ounce of myself it into what is know known as The White Orchid Beauty and Spa. When I began my first business; I say first because I still have those hopes, dreams, and ambitions that one day I will have another business to grow and nourish.

If it was easy everyone would do it!

The months ahead were challenging there was tears (lots of tears) there was doubt and worry that maybe I had made a mistake. Thankfully I was put in contact with the right people to get my business out there and slowly my business started to grow I hired my first employee, and we began to see The White Orchid bloom. After I made it through my first year, I got hit with a conversation that threw me into turmoil (knowing where I am today it was the best thing to ever have happened) having to move premises was an ordeal but one that I would not let beat me.

The Victoria Street Victorian

After some searching, I found on the market this old Victorian style Georgian house, that needed a touch of Jennifer and oh my goodness, did it not get a makeover. I loved and still love the trips to the auction to create an atmosphere of warmth and homeliness for all our clients. The perfect place to find old worldly furniture for a building such as the one I was so lucky to scoop. I built a new vision of what the future of The White Orchid would be and focused on that. What started out as 2 floors soon grew to 3 and then 4 and now, I occupy 4 floors equalling to 11 rooms. We have a recently refurbished our outdoor hot tub and garden room area, we have great collaborations with businesses in town and I have recently begun a new chapter with the opening of a training centre with fully accredited courses.

Still to come

It has been a jam packed 6 years and 4 months, and I still ask myself that question ‘What will I do next?’ thankfully it’s a question I no longer ask with dread but one I ask with excitement and belief that I can accomplish anything I put my mind too. So, guys… Guess what’s next?

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