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Basement Spa Hot Tub

Why not make your visit extra special with sometime spent soaking in the bubbles of our private outdoor hydro jet hot tub each seat with built in jet controls and massage settings designed to relax tired muscles and tensions

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Basement Spa Infrared Sauna

After you have used our outdoor facilities retreat to our infrared sauna, within minutes of entering the sauna your body will naturally start to respond. You will have an increased blood flow, improved circulation which will help speed up muscle recovery particularly beneficial after any heavy physical training. As the body warms so does the mind, the perfect place to relax and even meditate.

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Rose Tea Room

At the end of your spa day, you may find yourself zoned out, relaxed and slightly peckish. We are delighted to be in partnership with The Gathering Rooms a café in town that offers a safe environment for young adults with leaning difficulties to reach new heights, not only is the work The Gathering Rooms carry out with these young people outstanding they produce deliciously tasty pastries, tray bakes, scones, and sandwiches all of which are served to you in our Rose Tea Room on the fourth floor. The perfect finish to any spa day or treatment.

*Please note: Pre-booking is required

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The Daisy Couples Suite

Our Daisy treatment suite was designed with you in mind, with cosy surroundings you are sure to enjoy a restful spa experience, cocoon yourself on heated blankets while your treatments are carried out beside an open fire.

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The Cherry Blossom Treatment Room

Our second couple suite is located on the fourth floor, let our therapists take you on a blissful journey of tranquillity leaving behind any stresses or worries you may have. Emerge yourself in the divine aromas of our Yon-Ka Paris brand with unique treatments that are sure to leave you feeling rejuvenated.

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The Peony Rose Pedicure Room

Our pedicure room is one of the grandest rooms in The White Orchid, with two Queen Ann armchairs you can sit comfortably while we carry out some beautiful treatments with some of the most sought after products in the industry. The Elim Pedicure is a MUST for anyone who is in need of a deluxe pedicure that combines results and relaxation for tired, hardworking feet

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