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Body Treatments

Back Massage

£40 (30mins)

Designed to target those common tension areas and relieve muscle aches and pains around the neck, shoulders, and lower back areas. 

Head, Back and Neck Massage

£50 (1hour)

An ideal treatment to relieve the neck, back and shoulder areas. A face and scalp massage can help calm and soothe the body and mind through relaxing techniques.

Yon-Ka Aroma Luxe Massage

£65 (1hrs 15mins)

Discover a state of total harmony with nature’s purest aromas leaving you feeling energised and relaxed with a choice of 4 different Yonka Aroma fusion blends, personalised to your needs.  

Indian Head Massage

£45 (1hour)

This de-stressing treatment focuses primarily on areas vulnerable to tension and stress such as the upper back, neck, shoulders, head and face relieving symptoms of headaches, migraines and sinus problems. 

Aroma Stone Massage Full Body

£75 (1hour 30mins)

Hot Stone Therapy combines the therapeutic benefits of Yon-ka Aroma Fusion oil blends with the relaxing, rebalancing effect of smooth, hot basalt stones to massage the entire body.


£40 (45mins)

An ancient practice of applying pressure to specific area of the feet to aid relaxation, relieve stress, improve circulation, reduce pain and encourage overall healing. 

Body Polish

£45 (1hour)

Beginning the treatment with a mini facial which consists of a cleanse, tone, gentle exfoliation and moisturise followed by a full body warm Yon-Ka Gommage exfoliation. After your entire body has been treated in the aroma blends of Yon-Ka, then step into a relaxing shower to remove products leaving your skin feeling soft, nourished and refreshed.

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