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Hydra Derma Facial 

Skin Specific Treatments 

Hydra Derma Facial

Our new Hydra Derma Facial is the ultimate treatment for cleansing and exfoliating  it is a quick and painless procedure suitable for all skin types. It is the perfect solution for sensitive skin as it id designed to be gentle giving you phenomenal results with minimal discomfort. 

Express 30minute £65

Deluxe  45 minutes £75

Hydra Derma Back Treatment

Not just a facial treatment, its also great for combating back acne and oiliness. Combined with our Germaine de Cappaccini products for a deep cleansing back treatment finished with deep tissue massage. 


Allow 1hr £75

Hydra Derma Facial with Dermaplaning 

Adding on Dermaplaning to our Hydra Facial is the perfect combination for a pre wedding glow up or simply someone wanting a boost in hydration. Dermaplaning as a treatment on its own removes dead skin cells increasing product absorption by 62%. This combined with the hydra facial leaves skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. 

Allow 1hr 15mins £89

Hydra Derma Facial with Hyraluonic Facial

Our Hydraluronic Facial uses carefully selected ingredients to hydrate, plumb and redensify to protect the skins hyaluronic acid. A range of serums and moisturisers are combined with our hydra facial to give you a filler effect, complete this treatment with an extra moisture mask, packed with active ingredients for a hydration punch. 

1hr 30mins £110

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